The staff of the Center visited the Children’s Home

The staff of the Center for Adaptation of the Civil Service to the Standards of the European Union has been visiting the Children's Home in Chernihiv region for many years before the New Year holidays. This year, the employees presented to the little pupils sweet gifts.

The children happily danced around the Christmas tree and showed the concert program. Sincere children's smiles were the best proof that such activities are extremely important for pupils, because they need special attention.

The Administration of the Children's Home and pupils expressed their gratitude to the Center’s team for the assistance provided.

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    In your opinion, what means is the most effective in fighting corruption?
    transparency and openness of government - 0%
    strengthening criminal responsibility - 0%
    Introduction of codes of ethics - 0%
    proper regulation of conflict of interests - 50%
    legal education of citizens - 0%
    public control over government activities - 50%
    increasing salaries for civil servants - 0%
    minimizing personal contacts with government officials - 0%
    increasing requirements to candidates for civil service positions - 0%
    preventive measures - 0%
    nothing of the above - 0%
    no means are effective in fighting corruption - 0%

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