Cooperation with Hanns Seidel Foundation in Ukraine





In 2018, within the framework of cooperation with the Representative Office of Hanns Seidel Foundation in Ukraine the following communicative events were conducted:

  • Round Table “Civil Service in Ukraine and Positive Image Formation in the Context of European Integration” (July 5)

The event was organized to spreading the Ukrainian administrative tradition, creation of objective notion about the historical features of formation of the civil service institute in Ukraine, discussion of practical aspects of reforming of public administration and civil service, as well as elaboration of proposals for the formation of a positive image of the civil service institute.

Representatives of the Secretariat of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, personnel management services of the central executive authorities, lectors and students of Master's Degree in the field of Public Management and Administration, representatives of centers for retraining and advanced training for representatives of public authorities, EU Delegation to Ukraine and the EU member states, civil society institutions, international and national experts attended the event.

  • Х Annual Richelieu Academic Readings (September 20-21)

During two-day event, participants had the opportunity to discuss the main achievements and further steps of the implementation of public administration and civil service reform, in particular in the local self-government authorities.

All-Ukrainian Seminar “Public Administration and Management” was conducted on the first day of event, during which participants developed the practical recommendations for Ukraine in analyzing training needs of civil servants and local self-government officials as well as identified further steps for reforming the advanced training system for civil servants and local self-government officials.

During the second day of event within the framework of the round table and three panel discussions, the participants discussed lessons of the history formation and traditions of the Ukrainian civil service, achievements and challenges of the civil service reform implementation, ways and means of ensuring real demand for research in the area of “Public Administration and Management”, personnel capacity of decentralization reform.

Heads of human resources management services of the ministries, other central executive authorities, representatives of local self-government authorities, united territorial communities, higher educational establishments that provide professional training for Master’s Degree in “Public Administration and Management”, representatives of centers for retraining and advanced training for representatives of government authorities, local self-government authorities, state enterprises, institutions and organizations, civil society institutes, Ukrainian and international experts took part in the event.

  • I Paneuropean Conference on “European Vector of Ukrainian Politics after Euromaidan” (October 18-19)

The event was organized on the initiative of the Paneuropean Union of Ukraine with the assistance of National Agency of Ukraine on Civil Service and Representative Office of Hans Seidel Foundation in Ukraine in order to discuss the current political situation in Europe, the possibilities of Ukrainian foreign policy on the continent, the image of Ukraine, as well as mechanisms for strengthening ties between Ukrainian youth and youth of other European countries.

Within the framework of three panel discussions, the participants discussed the prospects of Ukraine's cultural diplomacy in the context of the European vector of development as well as strategic directions for its modernization, the current state and prospects of Ukraine's European integration, issues and challenges facing Ukrainian youth of today on the path to their European integration aspirations.

Representatives of the Paneuropean Movement in Austria, Germany, Slovenia, Sweden, EU Delegation to Ukraine, government authorities, non-governmental organizations, higher education institutions, experts from international organizations and projects took part in the event.

  • Annual Regional Conference on Institution Building (December 19)

The event was organized with the aim to share best practices on implementation of international assistance projects in the area of public administration and civil service reform, decentralization of power as well as to provide experience exchange on realization and ensuring effective project management, including within the framework of the EU Institutional Building Instruments Twinning and TAIEX.

During three panel discussions, the participants considered key aspects of international cooperation, reviewed international assistance projects that were implemented with the aim of effective implementation of reforms in the field of public administration, civil service and decentralization of power, and also discussed the complex achievements and best practices of implementation and use of the Institutional Building Instruments Twinning and TAIEX in the framework of the European integration policy.

Representatives of government authorities and local self-government authorities, Delegation of the European Union to Ukraine, international organizations and projects, RTAs of acting projects in Ukraine, Twinning Project Leaders took part in the event.

In addition, on December 22 the Exhibition of Young Artists of the Art Residence “My Ukraine: Pain and Hope” took place on the initiative of the Representative Office of Hanns Seidel Foundation in Ukraine with participation of representatives of the NACS and the Center.

During the event there was presented final exhibition of works within the project “My Ukraine: Pain and Hope” created by 16 artists who worked over two paintings at the art residence which reflect, respectively, pain and hope of young generation.

The project was carried out by the Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs by the decision of the German Bundestag of the Federal Republic of Germany through the Representative Office of the Hanns Seidel Foundation in Ukraine in cooperation with civic organization “Tolerance Ukraine”.

It also should be noted that textbook “Organization of Civil Servant’s Activities” was developed with the support (assistance) of the Foundation. The textbook covers main aspects of the activity of civil servants including descriptions and practical tools for effective performance of their official duties (

  • A new civil service: the European model of good governance for Ukraine

    The Association Agreement between the European Union and the European Atomic Energy Community and their Member States, of the one part, and Ukraine, of the other part (hereinafter – Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU), concluded on June 27 and ratified on September 16, 2014, provides for large-scale institutional and structural reforms in line with the established framework. The consistent and effective implementation of the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU should create a solid basis for the further sustainable political and economic development of our country, to become the basis for a strategy for reforming all key areas of public administration and the implementation of European standards in order to improve the quality of life of the…
  • Twinning Institutional Building Instrument

    Twinning Instrument Regulatoryand Methodological Materials Twinning Instrument Mechanism in Ukraine Twinning Tool Monitoring: Twinning Note Completed Projects Development of the Twinning Fiche Call for Proposals Contract Preparation Phase Implementation of the Twinning Projects: Twinning Project of the Ukrainian Scientific, Research and Training Centre on Standardisation, Certification and Quality Twinning Project of the State Agency on Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving of Ukraine Twinning Project of the National Commission for the State Regulation of Communications and Informatization Twinning Project of the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine Useful materials and links
  • Civil Service publication

    Scientifically practical journal "Publication of Civil Service of Ukraine" was founded in 1995 to promote scientific, legal, methodological and other information concerning the operation and development of the civil service in the context of European integration of Ukraine.

Government approves the Concept of streamlining the system of central executive authorities

The document, approved by the Government on December 27, 2017, outlines the main tasks and directions of reforming central executive authorities in accordance with the Strategy of the Public Administration Reform until 2020. It also determines the target organizational structure of the ministries, contains goals for streamlining of the quantity of employees and reforming the system of remuneration, as well as the principal steps to ensure the implementation of the Concept. It should be mentioned, within the framework of the reform of the state administration in 2017, 10 pilot ministries, National Agency of Civil Service and National E-Government Agency see a process of reforming. In 2018, another 8 ministries will be subjected to upgrading. link

OECD Recommendation on Public Service Leadership and Capability

The OECD Recommendation on Public Service Leadership and Capability outlines how countries can ensure that their public services are fit for purpose for today’s policy challenges, and capable of taking the public sector into the future.