Study visit of Ukrainian delegation to the Kingdom of Spain

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 On April 3-5, 2013 with the support of the institution building instrument TAIEX, a study visit of Ukrainian delegation to the Kingdom of Spain took place. The main goal of the visit was to investigate the best European practices regarding the collection, processing and use of personal data and the introduction of new approaches to personnel management in civil service management.

The study visit was attended by Oleg Bartaschuk, Head of the administrative provision Department of the National Agency of Ukraine on Civil Service and Yuri Schepotko, Head of the Project Information Management Department of the Center for Adaptation of Civil Service to the Standards of the European Union.

 FYI: Spanish standard personnel management in the public service  provides automated human resource management system comprising of a single term for all persons in the public service electronic personal file, which is stored in a single register (data base), a powerful analytical apparatus that provides support to effective staffing decisions and selection of personnel; versatile tool that covers all the processes related to personnel management in the public service, online access to human services system, clearly defined competence of each system user for access to a single register of civil servants; legislative approval of  a list of personal data that is entered into the electronic files of civil servants; sufficient level of security against unauthorized interference.




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