Working Group (Panel) on Governance and Public Administration Reform

Thematic Platform 1 “Democracy, Good Governance & Stability“ is focused on promoting democratic and economic reforms in the partner countries of the Eastern Partnership. Its aim is to develop stable democratic institutions (including electoral standards, legislation on the media, anti-corruption measures) and effective state structures. The objectives of this platform are security, stability and sovereignty of the territorial integrity of partner countries through the implementation of multilateral measures aimed at building confidence and creating early warning systems.

Since 2011 the  National Agency of Ukraine on Civil Service on behalf of Ukraine has been actively involved in the activities of the Working Group (Panel)  on Public Administration Reform, in particular it participates in Working Group meetings and in events organized by Eastern Partnership countries on the regular basis. Cooperation within the framework of the Working Group is to contribute to fulfilment of the main tasks of the National Agency of Ukraine on Civil Service, including ensuring the development and implementation of the state policy in the civil service, implementation of a functional civil service management, development of measures aimed at improvement of civil services etc.

The Working Group (Panel) on Governance and Public Administration Reform is focused on the following areas:

  • “Civil service, public administration organizations and their functioning (human resources management, rules of recruitment, statutes)”;
  • “Transparency, e-governance and data protection”;
  • “Local / regional government and decentralization”;
  • “Effective management of technical assistance”

Since 2012 Ukraine has been a leading country in the area “Effective management of technical assistance”. Each year the National Agency of Ukraine on Civil Service prepares and approves together with partners of the Eastern Partnership a Work plan for the relevant year in four mentioned areas.

Main Achievements in 2015

Main Achievements in 2016

Main Achievements in 2017