Twinning Instrument Reform

In order to increase the effectiveness of the implementation and use of the Twinning Institutional Development Tool, the European Commission has updated the Common Twinning Manual for candidate countries and countries with a prospect of EU membership within the framework of the European Neighborhood Instrument (ENI) and the Pre-Accession Assistance Instrument (IPA). The document came into force on July 1, 2017.

On May 08-09, 2017, during the meeting of the National Contact Points of the EU Member States in the Republic of Malta a formal presentation of the final version of the Manual took place, an overview of the main approaches to the implementation of the instrument (in particular, the simplification of financial and technical procedures was noted), emphasized the importance of the communication component of the instrument, which consists in the need to strengthen the information campaign on the possibilities of using the Twinning instrument and the implementation of the relevant projects. Among the main innovations of the document should be the change of approach to the Twinning Fiche, the selection of EU member states, the preparation of the Twinning contract and the Work Plan, as well as the shortening of the preparation period.

The mentioned Twinning instrument reform is considered one of the most ambitious attempts by the European Commission to improve the use of the Twinning instrument.

From now the Twinning Manual - 2017 will be extended to all Twinning projects implemented after July

1, 2017.

Twinning Manual