State personnel policy

The priorities of personnel policy in government is to create an integrated system of modern human development and application of innovative technologies of human resource management, personnel services focusing government on analytical and organizational work of personnel management, planning career civil servants and ensure their professional development.

 In this respect, the development of scientific and methodological approaches to the implementation of personnel policy, informational, analytical and teaching sustainability of the service personnel of state organs. An important direction is involvement of the civil service of gifted individuals and their professional adaptation, a system of continuous training of civil servants.


In your opinion, what means is the most effective in fighting corruption?
transparency and openness of government - 0%
strengthening criminal responsibility - 0%
Introduction of codes of ethics - 0%
proper regulation of conflict of interests - 50%
legal education of citizens - 0%
public control over government activities - 50%
increasing salaries for civil servants - 0%
minimizing personal contacts with government officials - 0%
increasing requirements to candidates for civil service positions - 0%
preventive measures - 0%
nothing of the above - 0%
no means are effective in fighting corruption - 0%

Total votes: 2
The voting for this poll has ended on: 31 Aug 2016 - 00:00