Competence approach

Integration of entire processes and procedures of personnel management in the public service for the competency approach, implemented in Ukraine, is the basis of personnel policy of Great Britain, Austria, Canada, Netherlands, Germany, the U.S. and other countries.

 Fixing modern principles professionally official personnel development for the competency approach will determine the functional content of labor as a public service, knowledge, skills, values and personal characteristics of the qualities necessary to perform the tasks in this position will ensure the same for all authorities regulatory instruments of civil servants.


In your opinion, what means is the most effective in fighting corruption?
transparency and openness of government - 0%
strengthening criminal responsibility - 0%
Introduction of codes of ethics - 0%
proper regulation of conflict of interests - 50%
legal education of citizens - 0%
public control over government activities - 50%
increasing salaries for civil servants - 0%
minimizing personal contacts with government officials - 0%
increasing requirements to candidates for civil service positions - 0%
preventive measures - 0%
nothing of the above - 0%
no means are effective in fighting corruption - 0%

Total votes: 2
The voting for this poll has ended on: 31 Aug 2016 - 00:00