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A working meeting of Twinning Programme Administration office

A working meeting of Twinning Programme Administration office chaired by the Head of the National Agency of Ukraine on Civil Service was held on October 1, 2013.

During the meeting were discussed the issues regarding results of Ukrainian part of EU - Ukraine Cooperation Committee, were considered propositions for amendments to the Decree of President of Ukraine “The issue of implementation Twinning projects in Ukraine”

Another topic for discussion was CIB, in particular the implementation of plans for institutional reform in the realization of the future Association Agreement between Ukraine and the European Union area.

Also on a meeting it was discussed the state of preparation for the implementation of TAIEX applications regarding study tours for government officials.

Another issue for discussion was the preparation for the Seventh Annual Regional Conference on Institutional Building.

The main directions of cooperation with the program SIGMA, the Organization of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation and the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe were reviewed.

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