National Agency of Ukraine on Civil Service and Hanns Seidel Foundation determined the priorities for further cooperation

On February 3, 2016 the Head of National Agency of Ukraine on Civil Service (hereinafter – the NAUCS) Kostiantyn Vashchenko was on working meeting with the project manager of Hanns Seidel Foundation in Ukraine, the Republic of Moldova and Romania Daniel Seiberling as well as the Foundation Director in Ukraine Sergii Zagornyi concerning further cooperation in the development of human resources management system on the civil service in Ukraine.

The main purpose of the meeting was to discuss the importance of a comprehensive public administration reform in Ukraine, guaranteeing the professional and political impartiality of civil servants, institutional stability and the creation of conditions for transparency of government agencies.

The Head of the NAUCS thanked colleagues for their support and highly estimated the results of joint activities, in particular pointed out that the organization of training for the Heads of personnel departments of central executive authorities of Ukraine. Furthermore, Kostiantyn Vashchenko noted that with the adoption of the new Law of Ukraine “On Civil Service” by the Verkhovna Rada such cooperation is of key importance because it is impossible to provide comprehensive and efficient  innovations in the implementation of the legislation without the best European practices in the daily activities of government authorities.                      

Taking into account the tasks of a fundamental restructuring of HR management on the civil service, the strategic framework for future cooperation were defined. Additionally, the specific steps to ensure implementation of the European principles of HR management system in the civil service in Ukraine were discussed.

The Director of the Center for Adaptation of Civil Service to the Standards of European Union Maryna Kanavets, the Chief Specialist of the International Cooperation Sector of the Unit of the Strategic Planning, Information and Analytical Support of the NAUCS, Yuliia Iarko and the representative from Hanns Seidel Foundation Office in Ukraine Olena Maksymova took part in the meeting.

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