The tenth meeting of the Working Group (Panel)"Public Administration Reform"

On June 2 - 3, 2016 the tenth meeting of the Working Group (Panel)"Public Administration Reform" under the multilateral thematic platform No 1 "Democracy, Good Governance and Stability" of the EU initiative "Eastern Partnership " took place in Baku, the Republic of Azerbaijan.

The event was organized in order to discuss the interim results of the implementation of the Work Plan on Public Administration Reform Panel in 2016 as a part of the Work Programme of multilateral thematic platform for 2014-2017 as well as public administration reform realization in countries of the EU initiative "Eastern Partnership".

Inam Karymov, the Head of the State Agency of Public Service and Social Innovations under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan in his welcome speech addressed the participants of the anniversary meeting underlining the strategic importance of EU support in the context of public administration reform realization and modernization of the system of public services delivery in the Eastern Partnership countries.

During the meeting the participants made a general review of the Work programme of thematic platform for 2014-2017 implementation and presented the key approaches of the European Commission to providing support to  public administration reform realization in the countries of the European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP), the results of the OECD / SIGMA review of the ENP.

The leading countries of each of the four existing areas of Public Administration Reform Panel outlined the main results on the local and regional level in the countries of Eastern Partnership, presented the list of planned activities for 2016.

The Head of the Center for Adaptation of the Civil Service to the Standards of the European Union Maryna Kanavets presented the main achievements within the framework of Work Plan on Public Administration Reform Panel implementation in 2016. Furthermore  further steps of successful implementation of events within the area "Effective management of technical assistance" of the Panel, where Ukraine is a leading country were outlined as well as activities that are supposed to be realized in 2016  by the National Agency of Ukraine on Civil Service  were described.

Representatives from Eastern Partnership countries, government authorities of the EU Member States  and representatives of civil society took part in the meeting.

For reference: since 2011 the  National Agency of Ukraine on Civil Service on behalf of Ukraine has been actively involved in the activities of the Working Group (Panel) "Public Administration Reform", in particular it participates in Working Group meeting and in events organized by Eastern Partnership countries on the regular basis. Cooperation within the framework of the Working Group is to contribute to fulfilment of the main tasks of the National Agency of Ukraine on Civil Service, including ensuring the development and implementation of state policy in the civil service, implementation of a functional civil service management, development of measures aimed at improvement of civil services etc.

The Working Group (Panel) on Public Administration Reform is focused on the following areas:

"Civil service, public administration organizations and their functioning (human resources management, rules of recruitment, statutes)";

"Transparency, e-governance and data protection";

"Local / regional government and decentralization ";

"Effective management of technical assistance"

Since 2012 Ukraine has been a a leading country in the area "Effective management of technical assistance."

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