Discussion on the key issues for developing the Annual National Programmes of Euro-Atlantic integration

On February 28-March 1, the training course of "Champions 100" has begun at the premises of the National Academy of Internal Affairs of Ukraine. The first module of course was devoted to the issues on developing Annual National Programmes under the NATO-Ukraine Commission.

The first module of the course was attended by the Deputy Director of the NATO Liaison Office in Ukraine Ann-Kristin Bjergene, advisors to the Ministry of Defence of the United Kingdom – Phil Johns and Robin Seaward, consultant to the Department of National Defence of Canada Mark Opgenorth, U.S. Adviser to the Government Office for European and Euro-Atlantic Integration Dan Abahazy.

Mark Opgenorth opened the event and introduced the agenda and purpose of event.

Ann-Kristin Bjergene in her speech briefed on the measures implemented for assessing the 2017 Annual National Programme and noted that this year area of issues for consideration within the framework of the training course has been expanded.

Representatives of the Government Office for European and Euro-Atlantic Integration Oleksii Genchev and Inna Potapova presented the approaches for improving the projects development process of Annual National Programmes.

Special attention was focused on respecting the consistency principle and the need for establishing the clear goals and specific objectives to reform the security and defense sector.

 On behalf of the Center for Adaptation of the Civil Service to the Standards of the European Union Ivan Roshchin and Anatolii Sopilka took part in the event.

For reference:

100 Champions Programme is a training course consisting of distinct modules and implemented under the NATO–Ukraine Programme for Professional Development of Civilian Personnel in security and defence sector.

The course aimed at the professional development of civilian personnel of government authorities responsible for Euro-Atlantic integration, which involves gaining the knowledge and skills necessary for the successful preparation and implementation of Annual National Programmes and other strategic documents in the sphere of Euro-Atlantic integration.

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