Government approved amendments to the Rules of Procedure for accelerating the civil service reform

On 18 April 2018 at the Government meeting the amendmants to the Rules of Procedure of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine were approved. These changes are necessary for the implementation of public administration reform.

As Minister of the Cabinet of Ministers Oleksandr Saienko noted, the essence of public administration reform is about new structures, new processes and people. As the recruitment to new posts in the ministries has already begun, the Government has also updated the procedures necessary for their work. He also added that the changes made today to the Rules of Procedure are based on European and world experience as well as best management practices. They provide an opportunity to implement policy analysis for the Government, as well as a new instrument for this. Reform experts will prepare forecast of the impact for government officials.

"Why is this instrument important? Forecast of the impact is a document that briefly and clearly describes the stakeholders and their benefits and losses from the decision are considered by the Government. At each meeting, the Government makes dozens of decisions from all areas of life that require analysis of large amounts of information. Such an instrument will significantly increase its quality, providing government officials with a better understanding of the consequences of each specific solution," said Oleksandr Saienko.

"The assignment of new civil service is to simply and meaningfully explain the consequences of any decision on people's lives. This significantly will improve the quality of government deliberations and decisions that we make. This is the beginning of the introduction of policy analysis in the Government, the next step towards improving the quality of public administration and institutional capacity of our country", summed up the Minister.

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