Head of NAUCS Kostiantyn Vashchenko participated in the Business Forum on "Civil Service - Education - Entrepreneurship: Strategy for Interaction"

On the occasion of the 100th Anniversary of the Civil Service of Ukraine and taking into account the importance of effective partnership of the state, business and education as a strategic resource of Ukraine's innovation development a business forum took place at the premises of the Chernihiv National University of Technology.

With the participation of representatives of government authorities and local self-government authorities, education, entrepreneurs, businessmen - discussions and exchanged experience were held on:

  • public service - education - business: today’s challenges;
  • development of partnership within the framework of the quadrilateral "education - state - business - society";
  • innovative administration in management of qualitative changes in business;
  • regional business: from creation and development to global objectives.

Head of National Agency of Ukraine on Civil Service Kostiantyn Vashchenko admitted the importance of permanent learning for civil servants in order to be competitive, implement quality and effective state policy in various spheres of life and form a modern system of public administration based on the principles of good governance. He stressed that this event should become a platform of communication for establishing an effective social dialogue on mechanisms for implementing the strategy of interaction between the state, education sphere, science and business.

Kostiantyn Vashchenko also had a working meeting with Head of Chernihiv Regional State Administration Valerii Kulich.

Under the chairmanship of Kostiantyn Vashchenko held a meeting with the heads of territorial executive authorities, heads of apparatus of district state administrations and the Head of the apparatus of the Chernihiv Regional State Administration.

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