Opening of the MATRA Project “Good Governance and Public Sector Integrity in Ukraine” with the support of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of the Netherlands took place

The organizers of the event were Hague Academy for Local Governance, National Agency of Ukraine on Civil Service (NAUCS) and the All-Ukrainian Center for the Training of Civil Servants and Local Self-Government Officials. The project partners are also the Ministry of the Interior of the Netherlands, Public Disclosure Chamber, the Netherlands Court of Audit.

The goal of the project is to strengthen the capacity of government authorities in terms of good governance, integrity, accountability and anti-corruption by training trainers and sharing best practices regarding the implementation of the integrity policy in the civil service.

Head of NAUCS Kostiantyn VASHCHENKO welcomed the participants and thanked Dutch partners and the Government of the Kingdom of the Netherlands for their support in promoting European standards of good governance in Ukraine, an integral part of which is integrity in the civil service.

Project Manager Marianna TSIRELSON presented project components, including the training of trainers on integrity, development of an online platform, a two-way exchange of experience and the creation of pilot projects.

A panel discussion with the participation of First Deputy Head of NAUCS Volodymyr KUPRII, EU Key Expert for PAR in Ukraine Gregor VIRANT and Expert on Integrity and Ethics Alain HOEKSTRA took place. During the discussion, the experts and participants of the event had an opportunity to consider the issue of integrity and best practices of different European countries in this area, in particular, the role of ethics and integrity in the civil service, how integrity affects good governance, and the possibilities for implementing the principles of integrity in the public sector in Ukraine.

The event was continued in the form of training seminars for heads of structural units of government authorities on the concept of integrity and its management.

In the future, it provides for identifying the candidates from government authorities to participate in the training program for trainers that will begin in the fall of 2018.

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