The Ninth Module “Critical Infrastructure Protection” within the Framework of the Project “100 Champions”

On November 12-13, 2018 at the premises of the National Academy of Internal Affairs the ninth module “Critical Infrastructure Protection” of the project “Champions 100” was held. The purpose of the module is to promote the development of Ukraine’s national security and rehabilitation in accordance with the EU and NATO methodological guidelines.

Manager of NATO-Ukraine Professional Development Programme Ove Urup-Madsen opened the event and stressed the importance of issues related on critical infrastructure protection, as well as the need to learn in a timely manner to respond to crises and work in crisis situations. Representative of Government Office for European and Euro-Atlantic Integration Iryna Maistrenko presented her welcome speech, congratulated the participants of the module as well as wished fruitful work in groups.

On October 12, within the framework of the module, three sessions were held, namely: presentation of goals and objectives, preparation for the practical part and, in fact, a practical part. During the first day, UK expert Roger Gomm introduced the participants to the theoretical part and presented the goal of "Coherent Resilience - 2018" training that took place within the framework of the module. The purpose of the training was to assess the plan for the participation of government organizations in crisis management.

On October 13, expert Roger Gomm presented a "useful process: scale, duration, and effects," and noted that this process is important and easy to remember by way of examining situations in a wider context and assessing the potential severity of a crisis or emergency. In addition, such a process will contribute to more effective staff actions in crisis situations.

 Manager of NATO-Ukraine Professional Development Programme Ove Urup-Madsen summed up the ninth final module and thanked all present for their active participation.

On behalf of the Center for Adaptation of the Civil Service to the Standards of the European Union the Senior Consultant of SIGMA and CIB projects of the Projects Management Unit Yuliia Yerchenko and the Senior Consultant of the International Cooperation Division Projects Management Unit Anatolii Sopilka attended the event.

For reference:

100 Champions Programme is a training course consisting of distinct modules and it is implemented under the NATO–Ukraine Programme for Professional Development of Civilian Personnel in the Security and Defence Sector.

The course is aimed at professional development of civilian personnel of government authorities responsible for Euro-Atlantic integration, which involves gaining the knowledge and skills necessary for the successful preparation and implementation of Annual National Programmes and other strategic documents in the sphere of Euro-Atlantic integration.

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