The 2nd day of international seminar "Conflict of interest and corruption prevention” in the framework of European Commission instrument TAIEX has been finished

The 2nd day of international seminar "Conflict of interest and corruption prevention" in the framework of European Commission instrument TAIEX has been finished.

Forensic Auditor Evert-Jan Lammers (Kingdom of Belgium) came forward with his presentation "Monitoring and audit of property, revenues and expenditure of civil servants". It was the experience of Belgium in the fight against corruption in the part of income declaration of civil servants. In particular, an expert told about specialized web site Cumuleo (, where by entering the names of certain officials the information about whether they filed a income declaration, information obtained about the inheritance of a given year and so on can be found.
Experience on the identification and investigation of corruption offenses in the Republic of Italy was introduced by Maurizio Varanese, Chief Inspector of Police, Anti-Racket Commission. He emphasized that the foremost in the minds of every citizen should be a clear understanding about what is "corruption". Because while giving a bribe people very often do not understand what they have done and what the consequences will be nationwide. Expert in detail told about concepts of "active corruption" and "passive corruption", the reasons that cause them, as well as the basic preventive measures of these negative phenomena, in particular under the example of the Italian Republic. Maurizio Varanese also outlined the main methods of investigation of corruption offenses and clearly illustrated the technical tools that may help. 

Tom McGoona, Former Head of Prevention and Internal Investigations of United Kingdom Customs Service (Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland) spoke about the possibility of prevention of corruption in public service through the implementation of disciplinary procedures. And about gathering audit data provided by candidates for posts of civil servants in Romania shared Laura Stefan, Romania Anticorruption Coordinator of Romanian Academic Society. Presentations of experts were accompanied by lively discussions between participants, including about 70 of them - international experts, representatives of ministries and other central executive bodies of Ukraine. 

Moderationship of the 2nd day of the workshop was held by the Director of School for Senior Civil Service Oleksandr Saenko.



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