Government approved the key performance indicators of civil service position of category "A"

Government has approved the key performance indicators of civil servants who hold position of category "A": state secretaries of ministries and heads of central executive authorities. In pursuance of Article 44 of the Law of Ukraine "On Civil Service" in 2017, the Cabinet of Ministers adopted the Standard Procedure for the evaluation of the results of the performance of civil servants.

According to the Law, civil servants’ performance shall be subject to annual appraisal aimed to determine the quality of performance of the assigned tasks as well as to decide on bonuses, career plan and to identify professional training needs.

It should be noted that performance appraisal shall be based on performance, efficiency and quality indicators determined with regard to the professional duties of the civil service, as well as compliance with rules on ethical behaviour and legal requirements in the area of anti-corruption.

"The system of KPI is based on the principle from general to partial, which allows to translate the strategic goals and objectives of the Government into personal annual tasks. The approved annual performance appraisal has many common features with the system of performance management system in Canada, which holds the top position in the world in terms of the effectiveness of the public service," the Minister of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine commented, while delivering a speech at the Gov’t session.  

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