The Modern Center for Assessment of candidates for civil service which corresponds to the best European practices was established under National Agency of Ukraine on Civil Service

The goal of the Center is improving the quality and objectivity of the evaluation of candidates for civil service positions, as well as optimizing the evaluation process.

The conducting testing is the first stage, which involves centralizing one of the parts of the competition.

Previously, the testing was carried out at each central executive authority, but it often complicated the work of the competition commissions and created additional inconvenience to the candidates.

What will happen now?

✔️ A special room was allocated and 55 modern workplaces for candidates were equipped.

✔️ The candidates will be able to pass testing on analytical, verbal and mathematical abilities at the Center.

✔️ The reform staff and candidates for civil service positions of category “A” will be the first who will pass the testing.

✔️ Candidates will receive certificates of passing the testing.

✔️ Candidates will perform situational tasks and take interviews directly in the central executive authorities

The second stage will be the centralization of the evaluation of standardized requirements and competencies that require the commission's professional training or the appropriate technical basis.

The Center for Assessment is a convenient and modern outsourcing of the selection of civil servants to ministries and other central executive authorities.

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