The Head of the NAUCS Nataliia Aliushyna met with Erika Kvapilova, Head of UN Women Ukraine Office

On October 7, 2020, a working meeting with the participation of Nataliia Aliushyna, Head of the NAUCS, and Erika Kvapilova, Head of UN Women Ukraine Office, was held.

Nataliia Aliushyna thanked the UN Women Ukraine Office for many years of expert support and assistance in the implementation of public administration and civil service reform, as well as professional training of civil servants, in particular, in the context of integrating human rights, non-discrimination and gender equality.

The NAUCS ensures the integration of the gender component into the civil service system. In particular, the corresponding draft resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine was developed in order to improve the competition procedure and regulate the possibility of evaluation during the competition for civil service positions of category "A", the ability to assess gender impact in the formation, implementation and evaluation of public policy.

Also, with the support of the UN Women Ukraine Office, the procedure for collecting and processing information on the number of civil servants by gender and age group was improved. Thus, as of 30.06.2020 among the actual number of civil servants of category "A": men - 73% and women - 27%; category "B": men - 31% and women - 69%; category "B": men - 22% and women - 78%.

Within the limits of its powers, the NAUCS provides advanced training for employees of public and local authorities, state enterprises, institutions and organizations to ensure equal rights and opportunities for women and men, taking into account modern international documents and recommendations of international monitoring bodies and their inclusion in professional, short-term training programs, qualifications of civil servants and local authority officials with further organization of relevant training.

In order to determine the level of organizational culture in the civil service, the NAUCS conducts a survey of civil servants "Civil service in Ukraine: your point of view", which includes issues of equal rights and opportunities for women and men..

Among the key priorities of the NAUCS in the context of achieving gender equality, Nataliia Aliushyna singled out, in particular, increasing the number of women in senior positions in the civil service, ensuring an effective system of remuneration based on achievements, forming an organizational culture and more.

Erika Kvapilova noted that the NAUCS is a strategic partner of the UN Women Ukraine Office and assured that the Office is ready to continue to support the NAUCS initiatives in ensuring equal rights and opportunities for women and men and overcoming all forms of gender discrimination in the civil service.

During the meeting, the parties agreed to sign a memorandum of cooperation between the NAUCS and the UN Women Ukraine Office.




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