The 3d Steering Committee Meeting of the Twinning project for the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine

On March 23, 2021, the 3d SCM of the Twinning Project for the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine (AMCU) «Support to the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine in further approximation of legal, procedural and case enforcement practices with EU antitrust and merger control practices», which is being implemented jointly by a consortium of EU Member States, namely Lithuania, Germany and Romania was held.

The overall objective of the Twinning project is to increase effectiveness, transparency and consistency of the competition policy in Ukraine on the basis of closer alignment with the EU competition framework, as required by AA/DCFTA.

The representatives of all Member States, as well as the representatives of EUD and PAO participated in the meeting.

The PAO was represented by Yulia Yerchenko, Head of the Unit of Twinning Programme Administration Office Activities Ensuring, and Tetiana Musiienko, Chief Consultant of the Twinning Coordination Division of the Twinning Administrative Office.

Resident Twinning Adviser Sarunas Pajarskas together with the component managers presented the results achieved in the Q3, namely:

(1)   The revised draft law «On Amendments to Certain Laws of Ukraine on Competition and Antitrust Reform» has been completed and submitted to the Parliament;

(2)   A training course on antitrust law has been developed and implemented in the TOP-4 universities of Ukraine;

(3)   Three roundtables were held with the judges of local, appeal and Supreme Court under the USAID / FTC program;

(4)   AMCU Public Outreach and Advocacy Strategy and Advocacy Action Plan was elaborated and detailed;

(5)   18 online webinars were arranged for employees of the AMCU and its regional branches.

 Dr. Pajarskach noted that due to the unfavorable circumstances that have arisen and continue to arise in connection with COVID-19, the Project team has increased the number of missions, but reduced their duration, that enabled more AMCU staff and international experts to participate than usual for such projects.

In Q4, main actors will continue working in the direction of developing secondary laws and arrangement of training activities.

The next SCM meeting for this project is scheduled for June 22, 2021.

 For reference:

  1. 1.        In accordance with the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated October 11, 2016 № 700 «On approval of the procedure for initiating, preparing and implementing Twinning projects» (amended by the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated August 22, 2018 No 663), National Agency of Ukraine on Civil Service is a the coordinator of the Twinning and TAIEX institutional building instruments in Ukraine.

In order to properly coordinate the Twinning and TAIEX instruments, NAUCS established the Administrative Office of the Twinning Program in Ukraine, which is performed by the Center for Adaptation of the Civil Service to the Standards of the European Union.

  1. 2.        The Twinning project «Support to the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine  in further approximation of legal, procedural and case enforcement practices with EU antitrust and merger control practices» covers the following three components:

Component 1 - further alignment of the Ukrainian competition law with the EU competition laws in the field of antitrust and merger control;

Component 2 - AMCU procedural and enforcement practice;

Component 3 - AMCU public outreach and advocacy with its key stakeholders and society at large

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