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No one is forgotten, nothing is forgotten!

On 5 May, 2010 staff of the Main Department of Civil Service of Ukraine (MDCSU) led by its Head Tymofiy Motrenko visited Tarashcha's Geriatric Home where they greeted veterans on the occasion of 65 anniversary of Victory in Great Patriotic War – alive witnesses of those cruel times.

In his greeting word Tymofiy Motrenko thanked veterans for their heroism, devotion to motherland and courage showed during the war. He assured that the events of those times will never be forgotten.

Staff of MDCSU greeted veterans with poems, songs and presents. Moreover, MDCSU with the assistance Astelit company gave veterans the opportunity to make free phone call to welcome friends and relatives on the Victory Day in Ukraine and CIS countries.
From Center for Adaptation of the Civil Service to the Standards of the European Union Serhiy Kucheruk, Director, Lyudmyla Filatova, Head of the Organization Unit and Valentyna Afanasieva, Head of the Administrative Reform Unit took part in the event.
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