Depchief MDCSU, Olena Tertishna took part in the official opening of the Third Forum "Europe-Ukraine"

On February, 26th, 2009 Depchief of MDCSU, Olena Tertyshna took part in the official opening of the Third Forum "Europe-Ukraine". The present Forum was held with the assistance of the Institute of the East Europe Researches.

On the plenary session of the Forum the following theme had been presented: «Ukraine and the European Union: The Next Step to Incorporated Europe».

Besides, within the limits of the Forum discussions and discussions on the following topics had taken place: ·

§          Agreement on association with EU for Ukraine: the step forward or replacement?

§          An economic crisis. New challenges for EU Member States and Ukraine.

§          Regional problems of security: whether any general approach is possible?

§          Free travel of citizens over Europe: prospects for Ukraine.

§          Direct foreign investments: influence of the world economic crisis.

§          Power security in the countries of Central and the Eastern Europe and the European power policy.

§          Free Trade Zone between Ukraine and EU – economic support for the European updating?

§          Whether the initiative of the Eastern Partnership brings the value added or nothing but external changes?



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