Official opening of training courses "Twinning in English"

On March, 3, 2009,  official opening of training courses „Twinning by English” took place in at the premises of the School of Senior Civil Service. The purpose of the event was to conduct testing aimed to determine the level of English of future participants of the tutorial.

Representatives of 25 public authorities – potential participants of the indicated program-  took part in the event.  

The event was opened by the Deputy Head of the Main Department of Civil Service of Ukraine, Andriy Vishnevskiy, who in an introductory speech congratulated the participants of the event, briefly outlined the previous experience of organizing  similar courses of English, the purpose and tasks of the courses, their importance and value for professional development of civil servants.

113 candidates from 25 public bodies were selected this year for participating in the training course „Twinning in English”. Those civil servants who attended the similar tutorial last year also entered into the number of candidates. Based on the result of testing 5 groups base, middle and high level of linguistic proficiency in English will be formed.  In the future, for every group it is planned to hold two two-hour classes a week within nine months. Upon completion of the educational course,  every participant will get the diploma of the state standard.

For reference: 120-hour training „Twinning in English” is organized under the assistance of the Delegation of European Commission to Ukraine within the framework of Tacis project “Introduction of Twinning Operations in Ukraine” and it is logical continuation of the simila programme which was inculcated during 2007 – 2008. The purpose of educational course is deepening of linguistic and communicative skills of civil servants within the framework of preparation and introduction of Twinning projects, quality improvement of the implementation of tasks and aims by them. The educational course is held for civil servants, members of working groups for preparation and introduction of Twinning projects.



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