Public reports

Public awareness about activity of government bodies and their participation in the process of increasing institutional capacity of Ukraine’s civil service and its approximation to the standards of the European Union is an important prerequisite of success in the development of the civil service.

Openness of intentions, transparency in decision-making and activity of the Main Department of the Civil Service of Ukraine are shown in public reports containing information about specific outputs and results of its work based on the declared priorities.

Public reports are issued in Ukrainian (circulation of 5000 copies) and English (circulation of 2000 copies) and disseminated among politicians and officials of central and local executive bodies, educational institutions, centers for re-training and advanced training for employees of public bodies, bodies of local self-government, state enterprises, institutions and organizations.

Public report on activity in 2009

Public report 2008

Public report 2007

Public report 2006

Public report 2005

Public report 2004

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