Automation and implementation of information systems for accounting and financial analysis in a market economy conditions in Ukraine today is one of the most important tasks of any institution. Itself accounting in the company is only one component which can be regarded as an internal affair of enterprise, the other one - evaluation of financial and economic activities of the this enterprise by the state (reporting, writing of which is very time consuming process). That is why computer programs can save time and effort accounters by automating routine operations and finding arithmetic errors in accounting and reporting, as well as give an assess of the current financial situation of the enterprise and its prospects.

Today the leader makes a decision under uncertainty and risk, forcing him to keep under control the various aspects of financial - economic activity. This activity is reflected in numerous documents containing diverse information. Correctly processed and systematized it is in some way guarantee good governance. Opposite, the lack of reliable data can lead to incorrect management decisions and the consequent severe losses.

In the Main Department of Civil Service of Ukraine today have been introduced several information systems of accounting:

"1C: Accounting", designed to automate accounting and tax accounting. Provides decision of key tasks that accounting department faces as well as allows to provide VAT accounting, payroll, tax accounting, preparation of standard accounting reports, etc.

"CHAIN - M", a program developed by the State Treasury of Ukraine to implement by the managers of budgetary funds and agencies of the State Treasury a number of requirements of normative documents and has been with built taking into account the methodologies of the State and local budgets performance. This program is designed to create electronic and paper media distributions, commitments and payment orders regarding State and local budgets;

"Budget", analytical and information system of support to the state budget, which allows:

• to form aproposals to forecast expenditures and program classifications;
• to forecast resources of State and local budgets;
• to developing analytical materials on the dynamics of main indicators of the State, local and consolidated budgets for 5 years;
• to develop statistical and analytical reporting;
• to elaborate income exemptions, provision, financing, and repayment of loans of the State budget;
• to calculate monthly expenditure limit;
• to support multiple approaches to creating the mural;
• to make amendmends to the mural, income exemptions, provision, financing and repayment of loans of the State budget, etc.

"PARUS-consolidation" - a comprehensive automation system of consolidated accounting designed for large enterprises and institutions that have a large number of reporting structures, which periodically report to the parent organization. Functionally flexible system allows to build and analyze information of various aspects, for example, to perform construction accounts, collect and analyze statistical information on various areas of activities of reporting agencies, data processing, etc.

The system allows to automate all major steps of work on reporting:

* Fill, check and print basic reports;
* Receive consolidated reporting and its control;
* Analysis of the information contained in reports and its representation in the form of analytical reports, graphs and charts;
* Primary storage and summary reports in the database, using of information stored in it when filling and analysis reports;
* Exchange of information between accountable agencies.

The activities of Main Department of the Civil Service of Ukraine towards the realization of informatization process is aimed at the following goals:

- developing and introducing an integrated system of electronic circulation of documents of the Main Department of the Civil Service of Ukraine, its territorial units, and the Secretariat of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine;

- improving electronic informational resources of the Main Department of the Civil Service of Ukraine;

- creating and introducing a strategic project in the civil service sphere – "National database of electronic personnel files of civil servants and officials in local government bodies";

- implementation of the "electronic civil servant" concept with the help of IP-telephony;

- development of automated system of civil servants personal data - system "Card".