HR Management Reform

Within the priority sphere of introducing modern human resources management methods to the civil service, and with the purpose of introducing modern forms, methods and technologies of human resources management in the civil service, Main Department of the Civil Service of Ukraine (MDCSU) has been implementing a joint project with the Canadian International Development Agency entitled "Ukrainian Civil Service Human Resources Management Reform (UCS-HRM)" that is aimed at supporting Ukraine’s efforts to develop an accountable and transparent civil service that meets advanced international standards. Reform of the system of human resources management in the civil service in accordance to the Strategic Framework of Human Resources Management in the Civil Service in Ukraine is in the center of the project’s attention. The implementation of the reform is ensured through the functioning of three thematic policy analysis groups that were established in the MDCSU and work on the following subjects:

- Reform of the classification system in connection to the remuneration system for civil servants;

- Introduction of new approaches to the annual evaluation of the performance of civil servants;

- Reform of the system of professional training for civil servants.