A Manual about Key Issues Related to the Activities of the Civil Service Managers has been Developed

In order to cover key issues related to the activities of the civil service managers the National Agency of Ukraine on Civil Service, the Center for Adaptation of the Civil Service to Standards  of the European Union with the support and assistance of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation Representation in Ukraine have prepared a Manual for the Civil Service Managers.

The Manual presents the main aspects of the functioning of public authorities, including issues of:

  • powers and competencies of the civil service managers;
  • formation of a team and organizational culture in the civil service;
  • legislative and regulatory framework for the implementation of strategic planning of public authorities and change management;
  • customer-oriented approach in the public authorities activities;
  • project management and attracting EU assistance under the Twinning and TAIEX institution building instruments;
  • public relations, mass media and communications in the civil service;
  • protocol and ceremonial procedures in Ukraine;
  • international obligations and the current state of implementation of the state gender policy, etc.

The Manual offers practical recommendations for solving typical issues that arise in the process of professional activity of the civil service managers.

The Manual will be useful for the civil service managers, civil servants, lecturers, students, graduate students and experts in the public administration and civil service spheres.




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