In the framework of working visit to Ukraine of the President of Commission of Civil Service of Canada Ms. Maria Barrados of the MDCSU organized the round table...

On January, 23, 2009 in the framework of working visit to Ukraine of the President of Commission of Civil Service of Canada Ms.

Maria Barrados the Main Department of the Civil Service of Ukraine organized the round table on a theme «Mechanism of providing of political neutrality of civil service: experience of Canada». This discussion was conducted in the framework of activity of School of the Top Civil Service. The mentioned round table was opened by the Head of the Main Department of the Civil Service of Ukraine Tymofiy Motrenko. 

In the work of the round table took part the Heads of the central executive power bodies, Deputy Heads of the MDCSU, director of the Center for adaptation of the civil service to the standards of the European Union, Director of the School for Top level Civil Service, leaders of the projects, «Ukraine Civil Service Human Resource Management Reform» and «Technical Support to Public Sector Reforms in Ukraine » and international experts.

During the work of the round table Ms. Maria Barrados presented experience of the Commission of Civil Service of Canada, which is an independent agency and authorized by the Parliament of Canada to provide professional and politically independent civil service, to represent the interests of the citizens of Canada and guarantee the grant of state services of the greatest level of quality. In addition, Ms. Barrados presented the mechanisms of supervision after political activity of civil servants and monitoring of political unprejudice in Canada.

During a discussion by the participants was discussed the issue about the separation of civil service from the politic and political neutrality, directions of modernization of civil service, mechanisms of bringing in of the talented youth to to the rows of civil service.



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