Outputs of the activity of policy analysis groups in 2009 were presented at a final conference

A final conference dedicated to the presentation of outputs of the activity of policy analysis groups in 2009 was held on December 1, 2009 at the conference hall of the School of Senior Civil Service. The conference was chaired by the Head of the MDCSU, Andriy Vyshnevskiy and moderated by the Center’s Director, Sergiy Kucheruk.  

The conference was attended by nearly 60 persons, including leadership of the MDCSU, the Center for Adaptation of Civil Service to Standards of the European Union, the School of Senior Civil Service and participants of 10 policy analysis groups.

In his opening address, Andriy Vyshnevskiy noted that policy analysis groups served as an instrument of supporting civil servants in the implementation of their routine tasks.  

At the conference, participants of policy analysis groups presented main outputs of their activity – strategic policy analysis documents aimed to support the implementation of the future Association Agreement with the EU, in particular, with respect to free trade area agreements. Prospects of the further development of the network of policy analysis groups in central executive bodies were also discussed.

More information about the activity of policy analysis groups can be found here.



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